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The Bridal Market 411

Hey Brides! Ericia here to chat for a minute about BRIDAL MARKET! We LOVE bridal market and go every year to choose what we will carry for you, our brides! Since we are gearing up for market later this month in Chicago, I thought I would share some of the details with you all! It's important to know why we have to be closed for a few days and to understand the importance of Bridal Market for bridal shops and ultimately our brides!

Bridal store owners and bridal consultants attend bridal markets to stay up-to-date on the latest wedding dress trends, network with other industry professionals, and purchase inventory for our stores.

Bridal market is basically just a trade shows that take place several times a year, where wedding dress designers and manufacturers showcase their latest collections for the upcoming season. These shows are attended by bridal store owners, buyers, and consultants who are looking to purchase inventory for their stores and stay current with the latest trends in bridal fashion.

By attending bridal markets, we can get a first look at the latest wedding dress designs, fabrics, and color options. This allows us to make the best and most informed decisions about what styles and designs to carry in our bridal shop, ensuring that we are offering our brides the latest and most popular options.

In addition to viewing the latest collections, attending bridal markets also provides an opportunity for networking and building relationships with other industry professionals. We get to connect with designers, manufacturers, and other industry professionals, which can lead to new business partnerships and collaborations.

This season we are headed to Bridal Market in Chicago! Myself and Meya- one of our top bridal consultants will travel to Chicago, see all of our current designers latest collections, (which will be available early next year) and decide what we will buy to have in our shop for you! We will meet with Lillian West, Sincerity Bridal, Evelyn Bridal and the Savvy Collection designers to decide what are the best dresses in each collection for our brides! We will also get to chat with other bridal store owners and bridal stylist to learn about what is happening in our industry! We are so excited to go so we can show you all the pretties!

Comment and tell us what wedding dress trends do you predict for this upcoming season?! We will keep our stories updated, so be sure to follow us on the 'gram for all the bts!


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