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Tuxedos & Formal Suits 

We love serving brides, but we also love being able to help the guys look great too! Whether you need a tuxedo for a wedding, prom or a suit for an upcoming formal, we've got you covered! 


We offer a variety of colors, fits and packages that will help you find the right look for your big day/night, for the right price! 


Our tuxedos and suits are rented from Milroy's Tuxedos and are priced from $189-$239 for complete packages. A complete package includes: Coat, pants, shirt, vest/cummerbund, tie, cufflinks and shoes! Partial packages and additional pieces are also available.

  • Do I have to rent a complete package or can items be rented a la carte?
    We do both! A complete package is a great deal if you need a full look, but if you are just looking for a piece or two we can absolutely rent pieces separately! Packages include: Coat, pant, shirt, vest/cummerbund, tie, cufflinks, shoes and damage waiver to cover any mishaps (i.e. spilled wine and any minor incidentals that may occur). A damage waiver will be added to a la carte rentals. Deposits- A 50% deposit is required to order all tuxes. We will not order an incomplete registry. We also require a card on file for each transaction.
  • What size range do you offer?
    Depending on the suit or tuxedo of choice, sizes range from 34-66, with lengths from short - extra long. We also have boy sizes 2-20 for the younger gentlemen in your wedding party!
  • How far in advance should I book our Tux Fittings?
    Wedding and Group Orders-- We need to have your complete bridal party's/group orders 8-10 weeks before your wedding, so we suggest having your initial consultation to pick out your tuxes 16-18 weeks (4.5 months) before your wedding, this gives us plenty of time to get all of your groomsmen in and fitted before we have to send in the order. We suggest booking the initial appointment for the bride and groom to pick out rental items; this allows for minimal distractions. We recommend booking a separate "measurement appointment" for each groomsmen to come in at their convivence to be measured. PROM or EVENT RENTALS-- We can accommodate a quicker turnaround time for individual orders, we would appreciate a two week notice, but may be able to get orders much quicker. Call us at 316-333-1258 to chat about quick orders.
  • When do we pick up and return our rentals
    Pickups-- **Tuxes are generally delivered to us on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings. We will then call the groom (or individual) and let them know when tuxes have arrived, and schedule pick up times. We HIGHLY suggest that each person picks up their own tux to insure best fit possible*. We are able to have replacements sent to us if something is not fitting correctly* , but in order for that to happen, we will need to submit replacement orders by Thursdays at 4p.m. We suggest picking up no later than 3p.m. on Thursday to ensure ample time. **Milroy's only guarantees suits the day before the event date. *PLEASE READ THE FAQ ON FIT Returns-- We will schedule a return time with the groom at the time of pick up. All items will need to be returned on Sunday between 2-5p.m. by appointment only. We suggest having one person bring all of the suits back if possible, but understand that may not work for some.
  • How can I expect a tux to fit?
    With rental items, inconsistencies are common. We can fix small fit issues in house, but for some items we may have to have them replaced. These are NOT tailored suits to perfectly fit, they are rentals, and will fit as such. Things to consider: weight loss/gain. If someone has lost or gained more than a couple of inches, items may not fit. We are not responsible for the cost of replacing items if your measurements have changed significantly since the initial appointment. We order replacement items by Thursday at 4p.m. so they are overnighted to us and received on Friday. Therefore we encourage bridal party members to try their tuxes on before 3p.m. Thursday.
  • What if we lose an item or return an item late?
    We will accept all items at drop off. We ship all items back and they are scanned in to the return system. If something is missing from the item list, we will reach out to see if you have the item. Late Items: Late items will be charged $10/week until returned. Please return items as soon as possible. Lost Items: If an item is lost you will be charged a fee for the item. Fee depends on what is missing, ranges from $50-$150. **We will require a card on file for all groomsmen or parties.
  • What if I my groomsmen live out of town?
    That's not a problem at all! We suggest they go to a local seamstress, tailor or tux specialist and get their measurements taken. They can then submit measurements on our website and we will reach out to confirm and get payment information. ** All measurements submitted that are not taken by a Bella Veil consultant are not guaranteed and may result in incorrect fit. We can replace items at an additional "Replacement Fee" of $50.
  • What if I have a destination wedding?
    How fun, we can absolutely help you! We consider a "Destination Wedding" as a wedding that is not within a 2 hour drive of Newton, or weddings that will require the buyer to rent suits for an excess of one weekend. The rate for longer rentals will depend on the length of time the item is being used. For two weekends (the most common timeline for destination weddings) the rate is "rental and a half", meaning you will have a half price week of usage in addition to your rental. Monday- Thursday weddings will also have this fee applied.
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